Monday, June 28, 2010

Isha Life - Mahamudra

We went to this restaurant yesterday. Actually, the restaurant is Mahamudra - Isha Life comprises of a fitness studio, a boutique and the restaurant.

First, the place is a premium outlet since it is a "for profit" unit. There are no pretensions about it. If you get that out of the way, you can see it for what it is. The restaurant has an antique feel about it because of the design. I think it can accommodate about 50 people at a time. Lotus garlands adorn the entrance along with traditional "uruLis" with flowers. Ancient music plays through modern speakers. The restaurant is designed spaciously and the servers are neatly uniformed in the traditional Indian kurta pyjamas with a green overcoat. The manager wears a fully formal business suit. The boutique can be accessed from inside the restaurant.

The kitchen is "partially open" which I think was a conscious design choice. A greenish welcome drink is served to all guests which is the appetizer. The menu is expansive - and expensive :). Another striking difference is that the food is not necessarily "pranic". Onions are used wherever required, but there are a lot of options that are fully pranic.

Many dishes are esoteric, but I think the menu will be second nature to the to-be regulars. Even the soups are non standard. What will also be different is the care taken in presenting even the small things - they are both aesthetic and meticulous. For instance, the presentment of the bill (until you get to this point, you enjoy everything about the food and the ambience!). The bill comes in a decorated wooden box instead of the standard leather folders in other premium restaurants.

Anyway, this is not a place you can go daily or even regularly, but you will surely enjoy the visit. Weekends - bookings are a must.

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