Sunday, May 09, 2010

What I am listening to now...

prejudice/bias warning ahead!

1Nandhavana Kuyile...[IR]...iLaiyarAjAPonnu VetukkaranI remember the time this album came out. We (I a couple of IR nutcases at the time) knew the album was destined to be a flop along with the movie. I still brought the album, the loyal IR fan I was. This song came in two flavors, one sang by HH and the other by IR. It turned out that, as the HH version finished, if I flipped the cassette (yes, those old days!), the IR version would start. I skipped the other songs in the cassette and would do this ritual. I can't even count how many times I must have listened to this.

One time, during a trip on the train to college, I was miming the charanam of this song. A friend got curious and asked me which movie/song this was. I told him the name - then he wanted to listen to the song himself. After some follow ups etc, he got to listen to it. He loved it, then remarked,
""just imagine, I got hooked to it even when it was *you* who was singing""! Nice gesture of gratitude.

But, yes, beautiful song! Unfortunately, our culture of running after ""hit songs"" causes these gems to go unnoticed. Whose loss is it anyway! I later sang this song at an audition for one of my company programs. Of course, I got chucked out!
2thAyuNdu...iLaiyarAjAkOyil kALaiOnce when travelling in car with a colleague, the song from Guna, ""appaNenRum..."" started playing. My friend remarked, ""this song is such a mood drainer"" - not in a positive sense. I knew why he was saying that. That song would make you devoid of all thoughts, emotions and desires. I view it in a positive sense.

This song is somewhat of the same category. Of all years of music listening, IR's voice holds a special place in my heart. The ""bhAvam"" he is capable of bringing to the song is unbeatable. Add to it, his Spiritual inclination/bearing/disposition, I think there is some
magnetic attraction to it. Of course, coming from an IR nutcase, you should take it with some skepticism.

""thiNNaiyil nAn vaLarnthum theruvil tharmam kEtkavillai, mElum yEn intha sirumai?"" (I grew up without a home, yet I never begged for anything.Why still this disgrace?) How Raja sir? I think as the musical appreciation of our culture evolves over time, we will reach a point where
we will bow down to IR. The musical Goddess flows through him at his will and whim. I do not know who the lyricist of this song is, but I feel in my gut that it is IR. Only he can write this way!
3I Love my India…Nadeem ShravanPardesIf the world is a bride, India is the bhindi on her forehead.
I do not know who the lyricist is, but he/she should take a bow! It is not possible to give a more precise and apt description for India! The analogy hits home powerfully! The bhindi is not of any utilitarian value. But when a woman/girl wears the bhindi, the gestalt of the face changes. Suddenly, the face takes on a deeper dimension. It's so hard to explain, but so easy to grasp!

But a song on India! The song more relates to the culture of the nation, but the culture has it roots on the Spiritual foundation of the nation, so it is close to impossible to talk about them separately. The tune also ""clicked"". I wouldn't have imagined NS to come up with a tune of this calibre. I guess, when the right team and the right situation meet, things happen better than you expect.

The emotions on this song are not about patriotism. It is about a love affair with the culture. For someone steeped in it, a material life will look alien. That is what the story is about anyway.

One mystic wrote ""I am hallowed; my body touched that sod."" - referring to India. His body touched the soil of India, and it is more than enough for Him - that is the power of this space. Any person any where who awakens within has to trace his or her root back to this space. I am more than
awed that this song managed to capture that magic!


Anupama said...

gestalt! - never seen someone use this word before.
Yup, that song is good PR for India.
But, I am unable to agree with the mystic's saying. Not debating it, just unable to agree.
Too much greed, too much grief and sadness- a little to do with material things, but mostly not. It is SO visibly present.

Deepak said...

I think you misunderstood the context of his statement.
If you read his entire poem, it will go on to say he will choose this nation inspite of all that, because of the availability of something deeper here.

Fortunately, that is one legacy that will never go away!

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