Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tweetposts - 15th May 2010

Enjoy sending "cypc2md" to my colleagues on IM. One person came to my desk and said sadly, "Sorry, I did not understand what it means!". I told him, "It worked!". Get it?
Unfortunately, this surprise will last only once per colleague!

If you're in Chennai, CTC is organizing a massive coastal clean up of the Marina beach (leading up to the Injambakkam zone). It's not too late to join.

Facebook and privacy seem to be waging a bitter war. Should probably take a more detailed look at this. It will be sad if majority lose trust on the site. It's not the first time anyone is talking about this. NYT sometime carried a more easier representation of Facebook's privacy options. The two major problems multiple people are facing are the following:
1) Concerns regarding what was once private information becoming public owing to privacy policy changes (without the user authorizing the change)
2) Not being able to trust FB (as Scobleizer pointed out)

All we need to know is that it's possible. True for me (meaning, I needed that article)!
PS: The PS on that article makes me sad!

I am wondering what it would be like if people boycotted all products endorsed by celebrities? After all, its the consumers who're paying Sachin to drink Pepsi right? But that would mean I cannot use a mobile service provider in India! :)

Obama says "Car hungry China and India will worsen fuel crisis"
Dude! Clean up your house first. All this from a man representing a country that is consuming 40% of what the world is consuming totally. The crisis will inevitably get worse unless we break through with some innovation. If we look further ahead, the crisis might actually be good. But it is going to leave a lot of unpleasantness (civil, national and international) in its trail.
Actually, some student in China asked someone representing US - "you used up all the available fossil fuels to get where you're now, and you're here to tell us we cannot do that?"
It's not a fair argument, but the US has to answer this question properly. The only relevant way to do that is to become a leader in the long term vision for energy consumption, use and innovation. You cannot speak out to other nations when you're guzzling 40% of what the world owns today.

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