Monday, April 19, 2010

Tweetposts - 19th Apr 2010

Funny thing at Subway today. With an "aloo patty", the shopkeeper asked me what kind of drink I wanted (viz, Fanta, Coke etc). I said I wanted none. It seemed funny - the total price was Rs 40 lesser than what I would pay for the sub alone, and I "had to" take a drink. So I took a coke. They provided 0.5 litres (495 ml) of coke along with the sub. Took just a few sips, couldn't drink more after that - the thought of so much CO2 + sugar water was too much. But it did feel nostalgic (several years since I last had coke I think).

In the past week, I completed a 1400+ kms round trip to Chennai. The Suzuki Swift VDi is too underrated as a vehicle. Coimbatore to Chennai, the kms was exactly 500 (Avinashi -> Salem -> Ulundurpet -> Vizhuppuram -> Tambaram) and the reverse was about 520 (Vellore -> Thiruppattur -> Salem -> Avinashi). The trip to Chennai cost Rs. 770 and the reverse trip cost about Rs. 850. I don't think there is any car that can beat that. And I was travelling alone - theoretically, if I had four people along with me and I increased the cost by 10%, the per capita cost would be ~250 Rs! The time? 10 hrs onward (so average trip speed of 50kmph) and 9 hrs return (avg speed of 58kmph - roads are excellent on this route). Pretty good I think! But night driving, even on NH's is a scary prospect!

Many times in life, you need to take spontaneous decisions. The situation doesn't offer the luxury of thinking out the response after analysis. So it would require depth of intuition or intelligence. If either are not exercised,  a default option falls on the lap which would either be heavily inconveniencing at best or heavily painful at worst!

Just wondering - when I was studying college, I never used to think about what I was eating. I never put on weight. Actually, that was the period when ice creams, aerated drinks and eating out with friends were the norm. This time, so much analysis on the ingredients goes on along with nutrition and health aspects. Was it the carefree nature of those times or the aging factor now that accounts for the difference? Probably both I think!

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