Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recent Movies

Wow! These are adding up fast. Some time, I should count the movies listed in this blog and multiply them by 2 (hours). Gulp!

The Hurt Locker:
I should say this is overrated. It is taut and intense, but really doesn't say anything. War is a drug, definitely, but not every one is on it. Besides, you guys really shouldn't be in Iraq.

mAyANdi kudumbaththAr | மாயாண்டி குடும்பத்தார் :
Very well made movie. You end up getting soaked dripping in emotions, but still doesn't feel overwhelming. I guess that is to the directors credit - who also directs a lot of directors in this movie!

angAdi theru | அங்காடி தெரு:
The movie starts with a lie - "All incidents and characters in this movie are  fictitious". That's about the only negative aspect in this movie. I guess some exaggeration for movie's sake is inevitable, but seriously - is this what is going on in the shop in question? Our Government, the police and eventually all people in the city are spineless. The ending was touching!

thamizhselvan | தமிழ்ச்செல்வன்:
One of the more sensible movies of Vijaykanth. But it flopped! Guess it tells a lot about audience - then what's the use blaming the actors alone for dishing out senseless stuff? Bharathiraja's experience in the screenplay shows. Music was a big letdown :-(

pErarasu | பேரரசு:
No, not becoming pro-Vijaykanth, but another decent movie :). Watched this on TV some time back. But seriously, BGM shouting "man of the match" as VK walks is a bit too much for anyone! The man can act sensibly - if only he showed that discretion in selecting the plots he stars in!?!

Has a very original and intense thread. But unfortunately, the script needs more supporting material. The movie runs too long and some of the scary scenes get plain monotonous. I think it would have been awesome for a one hour movie. It's one hour too long! You should credit the attempt though.

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