Friday, April 02, 2010

Gordon Ramsey - unimpressive!

Wow! This video was sad! I am yet to encounter someone so insensitive to their surroundings and am wondering what the ashram puts up with on a regular basis! Sitting on the Thirthakund and doing a freestroke swim there - c'mon. You do not need to be touched by the experience, you can at least obviously see there are other people who view this differently. So much for using the "celebrity" ticket. Wow! What patience does it take to handle.

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Anupama said...

Meat-eater and it shows!!

His sexual expletives, his f-word, can't close his eyes for two minutes, naturally irreverant point towards the bundle of nerves that he is!

He has not even bothered to research and says stupid things - "aiysha"

But nice to see Sadhguru on a bike!

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