Friday, April 30, 2010

Isn't It Obvious?

Yes, when your vision is clear. Or when you can look deeper than what the surface shows you.

So here, Goldratt clears up some of the muddle when it comes to retail inventory levels, logistics and franchising. I am no retailer, but it made sense to me, probably owing to the fact I worked on the the domain earlier.

For me, the content doesn't matter. The art of "seeing" clearly and the art of seeing "deeper" is what matters more. It's like a torch you can shine on anything you wish. In that sense, I am grateful to Mr. Goldratt for this book.

I wouldn't hesitate to read another book on a similar topic he writes.

Tweetposts - 30th Apr 2010

It's raining here.
Salem is experiencing drought. Don't know what to say. So much contrast between places in the same state.

I am absolutely free to be limited and stupid aren't I? When intelligence becomes a moral, you do more stupid things. It's better to stay naturally stupid.

Feel blessed to be in the same era as IR. My feelings are responding overwhelmingly to his music the past couple of days. Have another person in mind as well. On a related note, reading this quote, joy wells up in me.
"Live humbly, there are great people around us". Indeed.

Managed to connect my iPod to my car stereo - so the variety and spice of choice are on hyper-drive. If possible, I will post about this separately.

The day becomes more meaningful when you work with involvement. The day becomes a drag when you drag yourself around. Your life is a series of these days - one atop the other.

Saw many movies recently. No separate reviews for them, so here goes:
paiya - pOyya
sokkathangam - pAthi thangam
veyil - too hot to handle
shooter - bulls eye
kanden kathalai - copy portion from jab we met is good. what they added originally sucks (santhanam comedy)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recent Movies

Wow! These are adding up fast. Some time, I should count the movies listed in this blog and multiply them by 2 (hours). Gulp!

The Hurt Locker:
I should say this is overrated. It is taut and intense, but really doesn't say anything. War is a drug, definitely, but not every one is on it. Besides, you guys really shouldn't be in Iraq.

mAyANdi kudumbaththAr | மாயாண்டி குடும்பத்தார் :
Very well made movie. You end up getting soaked dripping in emotions, but still doesn't feel overwhelming. I guess that is to the directors credit - who also directs a lot of directors in this movie!

angAdi theru | அங்காடி தெரு:
The movie starts with a lie - "All incidents and characters in this movie are  fictitious". That's about the only negative aspect in this movie. I guess some exaggeration for movie's sake is inevitable, but seriously - is this what is going on in the shop in question? Our Government, the police and eventually all people in the city are spineless. The ending was touching!

thamizhselvan | தமிழ்ச்செல்வன்:
One of the more sensible movies of Vijaykanth. But it flopped! Guess it tells a lot about audience - then what's the use blaming the actors alone for dishing out senseless stuff? Bharathiraja's experience in the screenplay shows. Music was a big letdown :-(

pErarasu | பேரரசு:
No, not becoming pro-Vijaykanth, but another decent movie :). Watched this on TV some time back. But seriously, BGM shouting "man of the match" as VK walks is a bit too much for anyone! The man can act sensibly - if only he showed that discretion in selecting the plots he stars in!?!

Has a very original and intense thread. But unfortunately, the script needs more supporting material. The movie runs too long and some of the scary scenes get plain monotonous. I think it would have been awesome for a one hour movie. It's one hour too long! You should credit the attempt though.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tweetposts - 19th Apr 2010

Funny thing at Subway today. With an "aloo patty", the shopkeeper asked me what kind of drink I wanted (viz, Fanta, Coke etc). I said I wanted none. It seemed funny - the total price was Rs 40 lesser than what I would pay for the sub alone, and I "had to" take a drink. So I took a coke. They provided 0.5 litres (495 ml) of coke along with the sub. Took just a few sips, couldn't drink more after that - the thought of so much CO2 + sugar water was too much. But it did feel nostalgic (several years since I last had coke I think).

In the past week, I completed a 1400+ kms round trip to Chennai. The Suzuki Swift VDi is too underrated as a vehicle. Coimbatore to Chennai, the kms was exactly 500 (Avinashi -> Salem -> Ulundurpet -> Vizhuppuram -> Tambaram) and the reverse was about 520 (Vellore -> Thiruppattur -> Salem -> Avinashi). The trip to Chennai cost Rs. 770 and the reverse trip cost about Rs. 850. I don't think there is any car that can beat that. And I was travelling alone - theoretically, if I had four people along with me and I increased the cost by 10%, the per capita cost would be ~250 Rs! The time? 10 hrs onward (so average trip speed of 50kmph) and 9 hrs return (avg speed of 58kmph - roads are excellent on this route). Pretty good I think! But night driving, even on NH's is a scary prospect!

Many times in life, you need to take spontaneous decisions. The situation doesn't offer the luxury of thinking out the response after analysis. So it would require depth of intuition or intelligence. If either are not exercised,  a default option falls on the lap which would either be heavily inconveniencing at best or heavily painful at worst!

Just wondering - when I was studying college, I never used to think about what I was eating. I never put on weight. Actually, that was the period when ice creams, aerated drinks and eating out with friends were the norm. This time, so much analysis on the ingredients goes on along with nutrition and health aspects. Was it the carefree nature of those times or the aging factor now that accounts for the difference? Probably both I think!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


For human evolution, they list three categories - animals, humans and divine. Animals are where we come from, humans - generally the spectrum of love, laughter and conscious discrimination and divinity, the potential to transcend it all.

Animals - the general behavior can be attributed to the fact that they have no qualms about doing anything provided it relates to their survival. Survival resolves into self-defense or food.

I think humans because of their conscious discrimination capabilities have the option of becoming sub-animals. Where they inflict pain/death for pleasure. Generally, these are sadism and masochism - and I think they are just two sides of the same coin. I think all of us have had glimpses of these tendencies, but the extent to which we empower them reflects on our general behavior.

The latest footage that got released today by WikiLeaks shows an extreme example of this. This is disturbing for multiple reasons. The Americans on the chopper are thinking they're playing video games. After they finish executing a group of folks, they make snide comments about "good shooting". They consciously execute a group of folks who try to evacuate the wounded and in the process seriously wound two children. On the chopper or on the humvees, a smart man comments "their fault for bringing children to the battlefield". Another remarks "yeah". The aftermath of this is the most chilling. If a group of self-obsessed folks were responsible, the Pentagon has been lying and covering up the whole episode by making the video footage "classified". And most certainly this would not have been uncovered if two of the dead men weren't employees of Reuters. If not for WikiLeaks, this footage wouldn't have been out now. Such a shame!

All I am tempted to say is - get the fuck out of Iraq. None of your business there!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Gordon Ramsey - unimpressive!

Wow! This video was sad! I am yet to encounter someone so insensitive to their surroundings and am wondering what the ashram puts up with on a regular basis! Sitting on the Thirthakund and doing a freestroke swim there - c'mon. You do not need to be touched by the experience, you can at least obviously see there are other people who view this differently. So much for using the "celebrity" ticket. Wow! What patience does it take to handle.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Recent movies

One post to cover the backlog:

ஆயிரத்தில் ஒருவன் | Ayiraththil oruvan: Too much lack of clarity. Typical Selvaraghavan sleaze. Too much gore. Some shades of brilliance. I would recommend to stay away

தமிழ்ப் படம் | thamizh padam: Big kudos for mocking everyone (including the super star and MR as well). Also a big kudos for not sparing efforts on the details. Also a big kudos for the courage. This will work once - it releases a lot of pent up emotions from the gathered nonsense in tamil films. I have a feeling anyone trying to mimic this again will fall flat on their face. Could have mocked the "comedy" in tamil films as well. Big kudos!

Black Hawk Down: Excellently made. However, given that it was a historical recreation, it loses a lot of points for not crediting the Pakistani soldiers properly (c'mon, handing over water cups to the "US warriors"?)

June R: Beautifully made! You never know which movie would strike a chord with you. Loved the final appearance of Surya. Intensely poignant without going overboard!

...And Justice for All: Al Pacino rules the show. That final courtroom scene is explosive! Yet another portrayal of what happens when law is viewed through "rulebooks" instead of being representative of people's rights.

விண்ணைத்தாண்டி வருவாயா | viNNaiththANdi varuvAyA: One big thanks to Gautham for making Simbu refrain from his antics! I have a feeling the movie could have been much better. I think now, the "lip to lip kiss" scenes will become mainstream in tamil films. After a while, uncensored expletives will follow (Gautam will get most of the credit for that).
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