Monday, March 22, 2010

Do not talk to the cops!

Some very sensible advise - if you're in the US. The total video is ~45 mins.
I got to this video in doing some research over this particular "crime" - a sad story in its own right. Apparently, laws in all countries need fixing.

Note: In India, we have a sluggish law system - to top it, it is corrupt to the roots. Not sure what "advise" will work.

Part 1 - advise from attorney

Part 2 - inside information from veteran cop

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The new scandal

The latest scandal has left me in pain more than anything else. Mostly at the news channel and it's affiliate news paper. They just took journalism to a whole new low. The whole episode just leaves more questions than anything else (as in how the footage was shot deep into the close quarters of two peoples privacy, how did it then get out, and why is that lady's face blurred - the team seems to be happy to expose just the god man and not the lady).

Mainly, now, it is going to make more people not want to touch the spiritual path or a process with a ten feet pole.

Note:  This is deliberately ambiguous as I want this post to fly under Google's radar. I am no moral police, but surely wouldn't want the entire world to watch whats going on in my bedroom. In that sense, this whole issue lacks basic decency and doesn't warrant dissecting the rights and wrongs of it.
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