Saturday, February 20, 2010


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I got to know about this organization from a forward. I have read that people who do this kind of work* with steadfast focus go a long way in their inner growth. I am hoping this happens with Krishnan also.

Now that he has established and stabilized this operation in Madurai, I am hoping he will extend this to other places also. Some small things we can do:

1) Donate - probably take up one day's expenses of feeding the 400 or so people (any celebration can be an excuse to do this!)
2) Spread the word

* By "this kind" I am not talking about what falls under the umbrella of "social service". I am talking about activity that comes from inner prompting and satisfies the following criteria:

a) Accomplishing something that does not keep oneself in focus
b) Relentlessly and tirelessly doing this over and over. It cannot be sustained through outer motivation or even financial support. The only way it will work is if it comes from within  (read: He does this 52x7, he will marry only if his would-be will join hands with him in this initiative)

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