Monday, January 25, 2010

Intrusion or privacy versus necessity

Imagine if a total stranger starts rummaging through your personal belongings to decide what is appropriate. That's what happened over this weekend at airport security in account of threat reports.

One side, it is total necessity and inevitable. On the other hand, OMG, what a totally messed up situation we've created!

On these lines, I think security is still not very tight in certain aspects. The baggage scanner where they inspect through x-ray - it is totally traceless. I mean, if the person monitoring the monitor sneezes and a bag passes by, it has escaped inspection. I think a step for accountability has to be added. The bag has to freeze smack-bang in the middle of the monitor and some one has to click "Approved". It has to be logged with the id-timestamp and tied back to the airline PNR on the ticket. Only way to really know in retrospect - otherwise we will always be ending up doing a postmortem (what an ironic statement!)

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