Monday, January 25, 2010

Intrusion or privacy versus necessity

Imagine if a total stranger starts rummaging through your personal belongings to decide what is appropriate. That's what happened over this weekend at airport security in account of threat reports.

One side, it is total necessity and inevitable. On the other hand, OMG, what a totally messed up situation we've created!

On these lines, I think security is still not very tight in certain aspects. The baggage scanner where they inspect through x-ray - it is totally traceless. I mean, if the person monitoring the monitor sneezes and a bag passes by, it has escaped inspection. I think a step for accountability has to be added. The bag has to freeze smack-bang in the middle of the monitor and some one has to click "Approved". It has to be logged with the id-timestamp and tied back to the airline PNR on the ticket. Only way to really know in retrospect - otherwise we will always be ending up doing a postmortem (what an ironic statement!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"I have a dream!"

His famous and stirring "I have a dream!" call! It is particularly impressive that through is pain and agony, he calls for dignity and peacefulness in the way of protest.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Recent Movies

Crank: I'll pretend I never watched that :)
The Dark Knight: Another awesome movie - a good follow up to "Batman Begins". However there is some validity to a review comment I read which said that given it was a super-hero movie, it needed some "fun" element into it.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Don't ask me why, but scorpions are running in my head the last few days. Like crabs, I think I've had a fascination for them for a long time. Many years ago in a computer class, I had a colleague who was then how old I am now. He missed one or two days of the class. So when he returned, I asked him why. He mentioned he was stung by a scorpion. My interest radar lit up and I asked him "Did it pain?". Duh! Of course it did. He paused and said, "After childhood, I think this is the first time I cried!"

For all the interest, I think I've never seen a live one. Also, I've heard many people say that a scorpion bite is never fatal, only painful. My mom used to say that a scorpion sting can cause a hole in a stainless steel vessel. Not sure about that, but all this nursed a weird fetish of wanting a bite from one. Ok, I take that back! But I definitely want to see a live one at work! My grandma tells me she has been stung by scorpions so many times.

I was reading up about scorpions. The Arizona bark scorpion (this person has it on his hand - brrrr!) is tiny but potent in terms of the sting and venom. It's dreaded by the area people. It lays hundreds of children (they don't come out of eggs but out of the mother directly) at any time and that picture was scary! A man in Texas caught a 65 pound scorpion (think about that for a minute). Details here: Sadly, like most "heroes" do there, it was killed and stuffed.

There are so many varieties of just this one species! This is a wide and varied creation!

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Three movies

Watched three movies this long weekend:

T3: Since watching T4, I thought I should keep up and watched this. T3 is more like an extension of T2 with a lady terminator this time. I liked the fact they ended the movie with judgement day (instead of a cliched humans save the day template).

The Shawshank Redemption: Perhaps the most underrated movie of all time. This is the third time I am watching this, and it is still as powerful. Passes on the strong message that no matter what your external circumstances, your internal circumstances are yours!

Batman Begins: Wondering how I had gotten by without watching this thus far. This "reboot" of Batman is awesome. Christopher Nolan is carving himself a very solid place in the Hollywood. The fact that he spent nearly an hour laying the ground work of how "Batman" comes to be is a master stroke! Needless to say, I am going to watch The Dark Night as well.

Got "Angels and Demons" (the book) as a gift. 600+ page book. Wondering when/how I am going to complete this!
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