Monday, November 30, 2009

The Taking of Pelham 123

I am sooo smitten by Denzel Washington :)
So, I loved this movie!

இதை தமிழிலயும் பாத்தேன். செம காமடி!

Travolta to Train Driver: Where are you from?
Train Driver: Ireland
Travolta: You're Irish? I thought so!


Travolta to Train Driver: எந்த ஊருடா நீ?
Train Driver: மதுரை
Travolta: மதுரை காரனா நீ? அதான் இவ்ளோ தெனாவட்டா இருக்க!

There were many places where the content was itself botched up in translation. But the overall storyline was fine. I guess it is difficult to keep up with Hollywood dialogue pace!

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