Monday, November 23, 2009

City of God

I call this movie "scary" because it posts and extreme point of view, combined with a sentence that has a lot of import - "Based on a true story".

Gun culture in the western countries is quite ubiquitous. Some places like USA have some sort of a tab on the usage, because police has some weight here. Move over to Rio-de-jinero, add corrupt police and gun wielding children to the mix, you have the recipe for total anarchy. Perhaps, two things the movie points out illustrate the situation very well:

* The protagonist who narrates says this about their living situation - "Our lives are removed far away from the picture perfect photograph on the post card"

* A small boy is executed by a gangster. To prove a point, he uses another small boy to do it as training ground.

So when the protagonist survives all odds of getting sucked into the trigger happy culture and becomes a commercial photographer, it is no mean feat. For, detached far away from the scene from the comfort of a silver screen, it is only too easy to comment on situations like these. What do you do, when you have to pull a trigger for day to day survival? The morbid ending of the movie where a group of boys have the final say after pulling off an inevitable execution and then go about planning their gangdom only leaves you wondering where this will eventually lead to.

I lost count of how many people were executed in the movie. What it left me wondering with was, where we became so screwed up that the man next to you became the equivalent of a fly that gets swatted at whim?

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