Thursday, October 08, 2009


Subway was my haven in the US when I didn't get to know the Indian places yet. I must have eaten at this place about 20-25% of my period of stay there. Of course, the options for a "vegetarian" were very less, but you can "make" your own sandwich - so it was pretty cool. They later toasted the sandwiches (when competition from Quiznos heated up) and that is pretty much a standard now.

So, I was quite thrilled when it was introduced in India. They pretty much have the international menus and in India also introduced local flavors. But I realized it's expensive only in India :). Their "sub of the day" was very popular for they offered one flavor each day of the week for about 60% of the marked price. Vegetarian subs were on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (I am guessing this might vary across stores). Delightfully, I found a Subway in Coimbatore as well.

Last week, I was pretty miffed when they stopped the "sub of the day" offer and provided some other combo offer. I didn't eat there and later filled out a complaint form from their website. If you heard my rants about Indian customer service, or if you already knew them yourself - you could tell I wasn't expecting a response. But I did get a call from the store manager. I am not sure if the international DNA is running here as well. But it was pleasing. He did explain it was not a local store promotion but a national one. But the new offer was not doing well and that they would be restoring the "sub of the day" offer back.

That's two good things in one - customer service and falafel on honey oat!

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