Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mumbai Meri Jaan

A movie on the lines of "A Wednesday", but this movie is "live" and is covering on the ground.

A bomb rips the limbs of those in its vicinity. It also rips the hearts of those away from it. The movie flinches neither from the physical goriness of the impact nor the emotional strings that get ripped away as a result. What really pulls them together into a cohesive unit are a few things:

- The movie never dishes out any advice against terrorism. It explores the lives of people on the scene
- The attempt is sincere. There is no victimization, mushiness or taking sides.

Eventually, the poignancy reaches a level where you end up responding with your tears only! The fact that the movie tells you can reach a step higher than where you are even in the context of a bomb blast is a big big thumbs up.

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