Sunday, September 06, 2009

From the skies

Imagine a thrill ride like this: You take off from the ground to a height of say five, six or seven thousand feet and get a planscape view of the city. You hover around the city like this for say 5-6 minutes and then come back to the ground. How much do you think such a ride would be priced? I would bet it would be at least 1000 Rs. If in the US, I am guessing it would be about 75-80 USD at least.

Such a ride is built into the price of an aircraft ride from one city to another; or you can say it comes free with the travel. The view from the window of the outside world is priceless! Very recently, as the aircraft took off at night, multicolored lights orchestrated the city canvas. Areas that were without light were dark. It looked exactly like an abyss filled with water. In other words, it appeared as if Chennai was in the midst of an vast ocean. I remember another instance where the aircraft couldn't land due to congestion or coordination issues. This was early morning and it took a round over marina beach. It was spectacular, more so because it was lower than normal altitude. If only they had opened the windows for the sea breeze!

Finally, the icing on the cake was when the flight took off from Los Angeles. One image that is frozen on my mind was where you see ocean meets land meets mountain. This tritopograpy meet was the best cap to an intense trip. You can never plan for such an event! I am imagining how this would have been if I had dozed off!

Anything else as bonus? During take off and landing, you reach a point where the vertical velocity force and the gravitational pull cancel each other out and you experience a weightless moment. It grinds the stomach. I realized that this is how fear feels, but this reaction was very bodily. How closely the mind and body are tied together!

Flights are a strange form of transportation. High greenhouse emissions clubbed with incredibly crashed travel time and a unique view not provided by other forms of transportation. You can say they are necessary evil.

So next time the check in employee asks "Window or aisle", say window! If you're not asked, ask for a window seat :)


A.J.Anto said...

My memories are fresh when the first time my flight landed in LAX. The whole city looked like a printed circuit board with the roads being perpedicular and all that...And also when you see the train of cars on the LA freeways one wonders where the hell are all these people travelling???
Another awesome view was when during another flight from London to Seattle, the flight flew over Greenland and it was so awesome to see the 'tritopograpy' where the icy ridges meet the ocean. It was too savage a sight.
P.S: Is tritopograpy a real word?

Deepak said...

I made that up!

Deepak said...

BTW, Greenland? Wow!

Deepak said...

BTW, Greenland? Wow!

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