Friday, August 07, 2009

Spam Cheating

Today, I got an SMS from an unknown sender called "MD-TWORLD". Not one, but 16 messages.

First, it was spam (unsolicited, non-permisson message). Next, it was an attempt to cheat. See the message content:

Apparently, several other folks have received this same message (so many winners in the draw!). See here. Apparently, the senders haven't even bothered to filter duplicates in the numbers and have blasted this message umpteen times. One would think that these messages would be ignored normally, but a few close folks I know have fallen for these kind of emails. There were few who were checking the authenticity of the message (which is good, but it is still a waste of time).

The normal process is to collect a "processing fee" to transfer the money. It works by the magic of numbers. If one million people were spammed, and let us say 99% ignore. The 1% who fall for them make the count 10,000. If one thousand rupees was collected as fee for each one of them, the scam fetched 10 million rupees.

Sadly, laws in this country are not yet so rigid to prevent these occurences. I am only wondering how this sender got my number. Or would that again be just permutations of ten digits? I just hope no one falls for this.

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