Sunday, August 09, 2009

Random Marketing Musings

Watch the above ad for Tropicana 100%. They tell you it has "no added color, sugar or preservatives". They don't tell you it has no added flavor. Indeed it has added flavor. So does it really count as 100%? Anyway, this version is a lot better than the sugar added version. But it is still a good example of subtle marketing isn't it?

I was browsing through some chocolates where I saw this one called "Fruit Tella" from Perfetti. What caught my eyes was that it had the dark red symbol on it (instead of green - which implied it was non vegetarian). So looking through the ingredients, it listed gelatin from animal origin. Scary! Who ever thought you would have to contend with animal ingredients on a chocolate? And in India! May be we should start watching out for more of this. I am at least happy they listed this clearly. In India, you can get away without doing any of these. I remember another chocolate called "Mars" that also had the dark red circle on it. But from the ingredients, I never could make out why. Eggs?

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