Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The ornery movie post

No I am not going crazy. Quite some time back since I posted the last review rite?

mOdhi viLaiyAdu / மோதி விளையாடு : Same Charan who directed vattAram? :-( :-(.
a) Please stick to Bharadwaj, don't let the chemistry go
b) Have the characters emote a little

Dishyum / டிஷ்யூம் : Bold new direction of modern cinema! Really well done. I think it got an "A" certificate just for that one crappy song. Funnily, that song gets detached and gets shown on all TV's. LOL!

Baba / பாபா: I would say Rajnikanth almost had it and threw it away. The movie failed to create a good intersection between Rajni's mass image and the story. But that scene where the kite follows Rajni and that corresponding BGM - goosebumps!

Sathyam / சத்யம்: I think it was a fairly decent movie. Not sure why it flopped. But seriously, some director should experiment next with one man versus 400 goondas. Time for a reality check in that aspect. Nayanthara  - skin show as usual :-(

20-20 : Not sure where I have seen so many stars in a single movie before. Let's see - Mammootty, Mohanlal, Jayaram, Kalabhavan Mani, Suresh Gopi, Gopika, Nayanthara (one song). Simple story, but awesome direction and performances!

pollAthavan / பொல்லாதவன் : Totally wasted climax. Otherwise realistically made plot.

Bheema / பீமா : I think it flopped for the climax. But I would say it is the perfect climax for violence. Anyway, same comment about 1 man vs 400 goondas.

Crash: Will every single setting have a racial insinuation? But this movie is very relevant for the daring questions it raises. Time for a reality-check! Even for the viewer, the kind of revulsion that Matt Dillon's character creates is a directorial triumph!

Guru [Malayalam]: This is a cinematic masterpiece! So grossly and sadly underrated. The way these movies are treated is a reflection on us as viewers!

poo / பூ: Watched only the climax. A poetic ending, but something that would probably not go well with the mainstream audience!

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