Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Effects of Global Warming?

I read something chilling today.

This news article lists ice cap images from American spy satellites and it shows that they're receding. Well, this is the same thing Al Gore was saying all along. Again, there would be people who say that the temperature rise is not man made.

Anyway, the chilling thing was not that it showed the ice caps were receding. But the fact that these were available since 2006 and the earlier [Bush] administration tried to hide them (or marked them as "classified"). This is the exact problem we have been facing for centuries now. People who can make a difference serving vested interests instead of the common good.

Makes me very sad :-(. In any case, a personal note of thanks to the Obama administration for letting these pictures out. It is a very boosting sign that the issue is being taken seriously.

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