Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What I am listening to now...

S.No Artist Album Title My comments
1 iLaiyarAjA Devar Magan Maasaru Ponne Varuga... This has a very ancient spiritual appeal. Has awesome lyrics and just lifts the scene to a different category when it happens!
2 iLaiyarAjA Devathai Oru Naal... This is a highly underrated song. The prelude, the interludes, the way SJ sings...
3 iLaiyarAjA Dharma Durai Maasi Maasam... Deva took the rythm of this song, created "கட்டிபுடி கட்டிபுடிடா" and in the process made it sleazy as well. This song drips with eroticism. One of those songs you recognize just with the rythm itself. Again, one of those songs that is destined to be a hit even on the first hearing!
4 iLaiyarAjA Dharmathin Thalaivan Muthamizh Kaviye... Such a lilting melody, surprisingly worked on Rajnikanth :) - Had me just with the prelude
5 Vijay Antony dishyUm dailAmO dailAmO... This song grew on me after 2-3 hearings. Has a lot of energy. Meaningless lyrics, but very enjoyable to hear
6 Deva Dum Chaanakya Chaanakya... This song gets caught in the middle of being a lilting melody and a rythmic song. But it worked well. I hope it is a Deva original :)
7 kArthikrAjA Dum Dum Dum Ragasiyamai... Hearing songs like these makes my heart bleed for KR. If one composer deserves a mega-break it is him. Not sure what is not working!
8 iLaiyarAjA Ellame En Raasadhan Veenaikku Veenai... The greatest creation possible by a human, is creating another human. And this piece reflects the magnificence of such a happenning. One time, when I heard IR singing "உன்னை பார்த்து உருகி போச்சு, இரும்பு மனசொன்னு பாரம்மா...", my eyes were wet with tears.
9 iLaiyarAjA Ennai Vittu Pogadhe Ponna Poola... Though his songs on mother are blindly categorized into "Amma Sentiment Songs", each song stands on its own in terms of context and emotion. This song creates a gut wrenching feeling. I don't want to hear any other voice other than IR's for these type of situations. I doubt any one else can bring that "feel"
10 Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Eternal Echoes Beyond Love - Firefly "... if life's summers have warmed you, and your inner spaces have charmed you, I can set you afire and the word too!" - Brrrrrrrrrrrr!
11 Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Eternal Echoes The Divine Secret - Tenderness "With the work done, why linger on? Depart gracefully, says my mind. But what to do with lovers? Who have lost themselves in the process of loving..." - Good question :)
12 Martin Davich ER: Original Television Theme Music and Score Hell and High Water (From "Hell and High Water") This piece has undertones of the ER Theme (which is one of the best pieces composed in terms of what it depicts - you can feel you are in an emergency room just hearing that)
13 Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Eternal Echoes Glimpse of the Master - Shameless The first few times I heard this, when it came to the verse - "The strength of shoulder of donkey in prime, would make a wellbred horse stand in shame..." I used to cry. To this day, I am not able to precisely say why.
14 iLaiyarAjA Friends Kuyilukku Koo Koo... After 30 years, he comes up with a song like this. Also passed by uneventfully was the fact that three stalwarts sang this together - SPB, HH and SM.
15 iLaiyarAjA Geetha Vazhipadu En Paava... இவர் பாடும் பாவ கணக்கு பட்டியல் எல்லாருக்கும் பொருந்தும் என்று நினைக்கிறேன்! Just that not everyone thinks like this!
16 Harris Jeyaraj Ghajini Yoheio Ghajini... Just wait for the drums to roll and the chorus to start. It brings the mood of revenge precisely! That flute piece makes me shudder. I am curious to know how ARR handled this in the Hindi version!
17 Harris Jeyaraj Ghajini rangOlA... Another masquerading song. But nice tune!
18 vidyAsAgar gilli kokkarakkO... Excellent song, unfortunately sung by Udit :-(. It makes me switch off internally!
19 Hans Zimmer Gladiator The Battle This piece deserves a standing ovation. Unfortunately, because of YSR, I think of Vijaykanth walking all the time!
20 kArthikrAjA Grahan Kehte Ki Jisko... Just wait for the opening humming! Hooked on thereafter!

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