Thursday, July 30, 2009

Training day

I was originally going to write a very small review about this, but it wouldn't do justice to Denzel's work. Oh my god, he totally rips this apart. After you try and sit back to analyze the movie's story or screenplay, it's just Denzel Washington that comes to mind. Glad he got an Oscar for this one, may be he should have gotten, one more!

I remember watching this with my friends in 2001. At that time it looked like an entertainer alone. Didn't see anything specific with Denzel's performance. But I was quite happy when he got the Oscar then. Unfortunatly, Ethan Hawke's great performance also took a back seat only because it was overshadowed.

Oh well, this movie is one where it becomes a classic because of one man's brilliance! Watch the scene below [it's a transition from his very strong personality to where he freaks out and tries to save face]. It's really scary what he can do in the right setting!

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