Thursday, July 02, 2009


#001 It took less than 40 minutes to read this book

#002 140 bites, each bite 140 bytes or less. Oh, if you didn't guess already, the entire book was written on Twitter.

#003 The praises, foreword are all tweet sized

#004 Funnily, the shorter the content, the more thought you need to put in to assimilate what has been offered.

#005 One read of this book isn't sufficient. You may have to reread it multiple times to truly appreciate this.

#006 To the author, Rajesh Setty's immense credit, he follows the essence of the advice he is trying to share.

#007 Pithy statements need not be trivial

#008 Essence1 of this book: Try to give before you try to get

#009 Essence2 of this book: There is no bar for excellence

#010 Read it - it will be worth your time (40 minutes of it anyway!)

#011 Ordering information here:

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