Thursday, July 16, 2009

Request for Financial help for my 1.9 year old son’s Cancer treatment

I am posting this on behalf of my colleague. I have also taken the liberty to post his request for help as an online document.

The document can be viewed here.

I have masked out his contact details, however, I know this is a genuine situation since we work in the same organization. It was quite painful to see the contrast in the two photographs of the child.

You can help, either by donating or by spreading the word.

Ways to donate: Simplest way would be to post the amount to the account number mentioned online.
If you are abroad and you wish to contribute, please get in touch with me; I can coordinate this through my Paypal account.

If you've contributed on your own because of this post, it will help if you leave a comment with the amount (anonymously if you so desire) so it will be helpful to tally totals and notify Balaji.

I will post any updates back to this post. Thanks!

Update: 17th July 2009. Things happened so fast on this one. Follow up message from Balaji below

Dear All,

This is to inform that I have received around 5 lakhs till now, which I think would be sufficient for my Child's further treatment, I may require another 3 lakhs which would be received shortly, may be by tomorrow. So I would like to thank every one of you who stood there behind me and my son. A big thanks to each one of you.

Please forward this mail to everyone concerned, as my mail box is full now, i am not able to send and receive mails. I managed somehow to send this mail. I have no more words, only tears with happiness that I can now confidently treat my Child in the same hospital.

Great help from you all.

I do not want to make more and excess money out of it, still my company people in North America and in India are supporting me. I think I would get the sufficient amount by tomorrow.

I would request everyone of you to forward this mail to all. Soooooooooooo Sorry if had missed someone. Kindly circulate.

Thank you all Once again. I am grateful to everyone in this World. God is great, more than this, people are Great.

Balaji R

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