Thursday, July 02, 2009

Low attention span!

As information explodes, the number of things that compete to catch our attention is extremely high. From a marketing perspective, businesses catch up on this and make their ads pithy and make it as simple and unintelligent as possible. In fact, the primary success of Twitter can be attributed to this dip in attention holding capability of people in general. Now, we also have the first ever book (?) written on Twitter.

Now to clarify: All this is fine. If people's attention span is lower, you have to do what works, as long as it is sincere. The problem is when people start recommending others to kill blogs and move the entire universe to nuggetdom. Because, several things on the internet (and life) can only be accomplished by consistent continuous effort. And there is no substitute for that. Can I learn an entire programming language on Twitter? I think the more meaningful thing to do is to acknowledge the tweets and the fact that the new nugget sized world is here to stay.

Low attention span at its extreme is a disease (ADD). Use Twitter or anything else to done quickly that doesn't need something elaborate. It's a super effecient tool that allows you to connect to others or do things that weren't possible before. It is also reorganizing itself with the possibilities in that plane. However, if you are low on attention, or if your pattern is changing to low-attention mode because of all this, may be it is time for a check point.

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