Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Horizon Realty is making a mistake...

We all know the internet age recontextualizes, blurs, redefines, simplifies they way we interact and the implications of what we say can be far reaching. But we are in a state where we are moving from point A (static and clearly defined in an unconnected context) to point B (clearly defined in a connected context) and there is bound to be a lot of confusion on the possibilities. I earlier quoted an instance.

So, when a tweeter decided to post a seemingly harmless tweet to her 20 followers stating... Oh, well, read it here :)

My point is after this: Horizon Realty is making a mistake

1) The original tweet was quite innocuous. People are entitled to opinions, subjective ones, false ones. Give them that bandwidth and don't try to play big brother. She wouldn't have posted that tweet if she was delighted with Horizon Realty's offering. There is no point trying to be technically correct on what is mold, how much % of the apartment was mold covered, what type of mold was there, how much % does the Chicago municipality allow and so on.

2) Horizon Realty's mistake likes in keeping that tweet on the pedestal and creating negative publicity as a result. Millions of people knew about that tweet as a result.

3) They worsened it by saying, "We're a sue first, ask questions later company"! That caused people to pull in feedback about their homes [-ve ones that is] from all over the internet and quote them as references on blogs and the twitterverse. Try this search for a test.

4) They worsened (3) by saying it was a tongue in cheek comment!

Anyway, we will probably see more of these coming along until companies learn that their era of playing the big guy is over. The internet hands over immense power to the customer and the sooner the corps realize them the better.

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