Monday, July 06, 2009

Fedex, Roddick and the 15th Grand Slam crown

Well, to start the match, I was always rooting for my favorite Federer.

But even during the course of the match, it was an awe filled experience to watch Roddick keep the heat on Federer relentlessly. For a good part of the game, it was actually Federer struggling. Roddick got the first set, and almost got the second - when Federer weaved some magic and got through.

The epic five setter epic fifth set lasted 30 games and the only time Federer broke Roddick's serve, he got the match.

Statistically, this match is very significant, but on that particular day no one lost! It is very silly to keep accounts for a game like this, for it could have been so easily been the other way. Roddick deserved his maiden Wimbledon crown as much as Federer deserves his 15th Wimbledon title Grand Slam title.

This post by Telegraph covers the key moments of the match very well.

Wondering how I managed to blabber so much in one post! :)

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