Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Experian - deceptive marketing...

I came across this ad while browsing. Experian happens to be one of the major credit reporting agencies (along with Equifax and TransUnion)

Just looking at the ad gave the feeling that it is not just a freebie and it is a tag along with a monthly pay service. As always with marketing of this kind, the ad doesn't say it. Next, among the many reasons the user has to choose to see his credit report - they do nothing with that. All the "links" take to the same page (below).

When you click on "Get your FREE report"

You are led to the page where you get your "free report" along with your 30 day free trial of the CreditExpert monitoring service. I didn't explore further, but I am betting that you pay monthly unless you cancel. Anyway, a separate topic is why citizens need to go to such hoops to see their credit report? I am guessing it must be freely available.

Also beats me is the fact that such a huge entity like Experian cannot resort to more straightforward marketing/advertising!

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