Friday, June 26, 2009


I grew up with Tinkle (click on the title link). So I generally assumed that every kid would be familiar with Tinkle. So when one day, I mentioned to my then-wife-to-be about Tinkle, and she asked "What is that?", I was shocked.

During my childhood time, Tinkle, Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse and a little of Pink Panther were my pals. I am not very sure how exactly they have shaped the way I am today. But I suspect they help in taking life easily and build a general innocence about someone. Done well, such stories might also be a very nice way to teach something to children in a fun way [of course, they must be used responsibly].

Why am I typing all this? After some cut off point, I lost touch with Tinkle for several years. Then I purchased about 50 or so Tinkle digests (each 96 pages, so that's a lot) and read them in a week or so. Now, the process starts again. I recently got about three double digests and was reading them. The characters are all so innocent and timeless - the same kind of excitement that was present when I used to read them then is present.

Too bad, they aren't circulating this online. I think given the right kind of work, Tinkle can be made into a very strong ethnic and cultural identity!

Nostalgia :)


Rohit said...

true..couldn;t agree more

Anupama said...

Kalia the crow
Shikari Shambu
Tantri the Mantri
Whew! I could recollect that without referring to wikipedia! Looked forward to every tinkle issue, fought with my sis to read it first.
Every story had a nice ending as far as I can remember...
Pouring over tinkle comics, nostalgia!

Rohit said...

true..couldn;t agree more

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