Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sadhguru on Coffee with Anu

This aired on 13th Jun 2009, Saturday @ 9:30 PM IST on Vijay TV

It was quite refreshing because you don't get to see Sadhguru in this
context that often - that is, in a freewheeling chat.

But as always (always and always), he talked about happiness
irrespective of circumstances, PGH, ARR, conscious leadership - all
interwoven with tidbits from his personal life.

Also present was his always-prevalent humor ("You call the program
'Coffee with Anu', but you manage to run it without ever providing
coffee to the guest!"). The final touch was coffee awards - where the
guest gets to gift the award to anyone of his choice. Sadhguru told Anu
to hand it over to a poor child that was going to school, but joyously.
He said "It is not an ordinary thing when someone goes to school happily
with so much burden. I know I wouldn't want to go to school under the

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