Tuesday, June 02, 2009

GM Files for bankruptcy

I, however, must say I am not surprised. I will also not be surprised if Ford follows suit (Chrysler already has). As sad as it is, for all three are iconic symbols of American history, I wonder if they are reaping what they sowed. In the USA, Honda and Toyota have always had a boutiful market share. Their efficiency in terms of fuel consumption have always been exemplary. When fuel was never a problem for America, these US auto manufacturers always took that option for granted, which is why they continually struggle outside the US.

Though under bankruptcy protection, I think they need to evolve eco-conscious, fuel efficient cars - perhaps trying something disruptive. Wondering if it is too late for all that.

It should also be a cue for all automanufactuers all over the world who are not under threat of bankruptcy as well.

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