Monday, June 01, 2009

Cigarattes, Scorpions and Lungs

The new mandate to display lungs and a scorpion picture covering at
least 40% of the carton area came into effect yesterday.

I feel it is going to do very little in terms of dissuading existing
buyers from smoking. Mainly because:

Smokers, most of them, already know smoking is injurious to health. I
remember, several years back (I was a small kid then), I asked my uncle
who was chewing tobacco. "Do you know what this will cause?". He
replied, "Cancer, right?"

The habit is mostly on auto pilot - I presume they would look at the new
logo and continue their habit.

May be, new joiners to smoking might give it a second thought, which is
good in that way.

In a way, it is quite good that the government is putting its foot down
in such a firm way on something that contributes to its taxes. It is
also interesting on how hard the tobacco firms tried to first oppose the
move, and then to delay it (which they succeeded in twice).

But scorpions? A creature that only stings for food or self defense?
Lungs and a knife would have been better!

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