Monday, June 29, 2009


Bolt is a charming movie. Features excellent animation and looks even better with the 3D animation [you need to wear the 3D glasses]. I think they chose to leave out on some specific 3D optimizations to cater to both audiences.

As for the story, the first 20-25 minutes features some very high adrenaline sequences - which are surprisingly well executed for an animation movie. And then, to some excellent screenwriting credit, they throw it all away and start afresh. The movie also features some very touching moments and ends with a heartwarming climax.

This is technically (and sadly) a flop, and I wonder why. Anyway, it looks like a good era for the animation movies. Yet to watch "Up" and Ice Age 3 is coming up as well.

The Indian animation industry needs some way to go before we even can be considered for comparison with the Hollywood counterparts. But to be fair, we don't have the luxury of budget that they have. But I will keep my fingers crossed for "Manikandan".

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