Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sarath Babu for South Chennai

View the 3 minute video above. It is quite rare that someone with this profile [BITS / IIM A] decides to join politics. It is also rare that some one also talks something other than

- How inefficient the other is
- Giving free stuff away for public

I did something stupid. When I first saw the video, I told Radha "He will not win". I know the odds are very steep because politicians know the art of sweeping the public with emotion instead of inspiration. But between now and election time, folks like us can help shift the momentum towards what we want to happen.

Please help spread the word. He has sort of made it easy by hosting it all on his website.

1) If you are a blogger, please write about him
2) If you are on twitter, tweet about him
3) If you know people residing in south Chennai constituency, please encourage them to vote for him
4) If you reside in south Chennai, please vote for him!

We don't get opportunities every day - and this kind is once every five years!

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