Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ayan - அயன்

There are reasons why this movie is a block buster. One magazine cited that it was because it was a proper concoction of several masala elements. I feel that is a trivial observation.

In a nutshell, it is the director K.V Anand and Surya. Though this movie is a masala-entertainer, the appeal is for more than the racy screenplay.

1) Thorough research on technology. Despite enlisting a lot of tech in the movie among informed audiences, it doesn't come out stupid as it happens in a lot of tamil movies. Actually, on the contrary! Additional kudos for resisting the temptation to show-off. Case in point - Surya tries to replicate a CD/DVD and it runs out of cache. Without even attempting to explain, Surya says "போன தீபாவளி படமெல்லம் இன்னும் வெச்சிருந்தா அப்படிதான் ஆவும்!"

2) Very slick stunts. Especially the opening one in Congo. They tried to do too much by prolonging it and it was a sore point. But it was really new for a tamil movie!

3) Staying clear of cliches. So many traps that can befall a plot like this. Doesn't get caught in one!

4) Using stereotype actors for non-stereotype roles. Again, pops a surprise at unexpected points.

5) Surya is way too sophisticated! He shifts between glib-tongued English and ultra-local Tamil with effortless ease - and makes it beleivable. In the current crop of actors, I feel he is the only one who could have pulled this off.

6) Portraying the villain as an intelligent one and Surya as one-up on him (instead of dumb villain and smart hero)! Keeps even the audience guessing.

7) [Sort of new] Using masala songs - but you cannot walk out of the hall for a break, because it is used to convey some screenplay data. Example, the first song which is for Surya, the director uses it to show that Surya travels to Congo, Malasiya frequently for his "job"!

Well, the movie would have hit bulls-eye (almost does anyway!) except for:

1) Falling into the masala songs trap

2) Harris Jeyaraj! :-(

3) Showing a duet right after a poignant moment in the movie! Come on!

Overall, Anand surprises with his laser-precision execution of the screenplay. Surya surprises with his almost effortless execution of a demanding role. Rock on folks! You deserve the success - every bit of it!

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