Monday, March 30, 2009

Why are movies important?

Actually, they are not ☺
But they are powerful! If you consider how our experiences happen, they happen through our senses.
Of these senses, the most powerful - or shall we say, those responsible for most of our inputs, are sight and hearing.

Movies feed both of them. If you eat during a movie screening, that makes it three! Besides, they are continuously improving
on what they offer.

Movies are also certainly endeavoring to get to all five!

The catch is that, these are happening without work on our part. In a real life situation, we would need to put in effort to satiate these senses. This inundation of senses without any work has a mind-numbing effect.

It is best to avoid movies altogether (may be with some exceptions). But I am certainly an incorrect choice to give this advise!

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