Friday, March 13, 2009

Soy Milk!

I recently got soy milk. This was pure unadulterated soymilk – the product Vegan's swear by as lactose substitute.
I did not buy the flavored version because it had added sugar.

So, how was it? Very hard to comment. You get very few food products that are absolutely tasteless. I am not complaining, but that was how this was. Protein rich, obviously healthy, but very difficult to consume in its pure form ☺

Work around, drink this in combination with another juice. Still, even in a 25-75 combination, soy milk is powerful to neutralize the taste of the other juice. May be you cannot avoid the flavored version!

It is difficult for me to avoid dairy!


Rams said...

Almond milk, rice milk are alternatives u get here in US....

not a big pbm for me though as i don't drink anything other than water/juice...

Deepak said...

In the US - health freakiness and a business savvy mindset make a unique combination. What you see there will not probably be available elsewhere.

I remember when the 'low carb' frenzy picked up (still there?), they used to offer chapatis ("wrap") instead of a regular bread in sandwich. It is half filling but similarly priced.

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