Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lost songs!

As new songs keep coming up - there seems to be a classic distinction based on popularity of songs.

Contemporary songs - which hog the bandwidth limelight for a short duration and fade away.
Classics - those that stay in mind - even for a casual listener
Lost songs - those that fade away and are essentially buried

For a song to be a classic, the formula is very elusive. Even "hits", and so many of them, only last for a duration. Typically, melodies seem to become classics, but it need not be so. Consier "iLamai ithO ithO" (இளமை இதோ இதோ) or "rajA rAjAthi" (ராஜா, ராஜாதி...).

But "lost songs" are not necessarily inferior in quality. I know of several of them which are gems but never became popular. May be, radios and TV's need to focus on these songs in specific. Contemporary songs are anyway readily available. Classics are anyway well known. May be this exercise might movie a few deserving song to classic status!

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