Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cellphones and side effects

There have been several myths / experiments that have been going on about the harmful effects of cellphone radiation. The two most popular ones are

- Cooking an egg with cellphones
- Popping popcorn with cellphones
(the idea being, see what it can do to your brain if this is the case)

I am not embedding any videos here since none of them are conclusive. One of them is anyway proven to be an engineered video now. But you hit upon those videos through a simple YouTube search.

Essentially, the "scientific stand" is that these radiation myths are "inconclusive". May be, they are true in terms of what they would exactly like to see from the experiment.

My experience is that speaking directly through a cellphone (no bluetooth or wired headset) for more than five mins gives a bad headache that lasts for varying amounts of time - but at its worst it has lasted an entire day or so. Only sleep takes it away! Apparently (too apparently), it seems to be the case with only me. I've seen several people talk comfortably for as long as an hour without issues.

I no longer use cellphones without headsets, because I have an immediate and dramatic side effect. On inevitable situations where there is no headset, I put the person on speaker and keep the cellphone a feet away while talking :)

I think we need to wait for more precise and confirmed studies on this aspect. I hope there aren't any surprises there!

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