Sunday, March 01, 2009


1) Online ticket booking
2) Customer Lounge with restrooms
3) Boarding Pass
4) Complimentary water bottle
5) Shawl for in vehicle use
6) Eye mask for sleeping
7) Travel sickness bag
8) Power socket for charging purposes

BTW, I am not writing about any flight - this is a bus service called ABTX Travels. Some one in the bus was actually joking, "will it take off as well?"

They also have a scheduled stop - one stop only for people who need a rest room break in between. I think this is the solution that directly addresses a problem mostly faced by ladies when traveling by bus.

From a marketing perspective: This is the only reliable way to market something. To get other people to talk about your product/service through sheer excellence in quality.

Consistent performance on the same lines is bound to raise the bar of other providers as well.

But beyond that, after others are caught up, innovation is the way to excel. When demand dips for any reason, these providers will be the sought after option.

The status quo for such a long time reminds of the apathy of the quality for this duration.


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