Friday, February 13, 2009

Star Halo

Well, not limited exactly to movie stars, but more easily seen with them. It has happened, and continues to happen to an extent, with people I interact on a personal level as well.

Due to their personality, charisma people like these possess an attractive force, subjective of course, that whatever they say or do seems to be the right thing. I have noticed that it stays on for a while and then wades off. Then the same thing happens with other stars. Now I have gotten used to it, so I know when it happens that it is going to go away - so it doesn't affect me so much. In a way, this is not good as it is a form of prejudice - but what to do when it happens "on its own"?

People who have been on this list for me -
Bruce Willis,
George Clooney,
Rajkiran (no kidding),
Sachin Tendulkar,
AR Rahman,
Ilaiyaraja (still on to some extent),
Vijaykanth (college time!),
Rajnikanth (still on to some extent),
Isha Gopikar,
Manisha Koirala (it didn't happen on its own. A friend of mine in college used to keep talking about her all the time, he adored her so much that I had to pay attention. Not so much of a halo)
Cho Ramaswamy,
Surya (still on to some extent),

I think I can keep writing a few more if I think about it. It is surprising how many people have an influence on you like this.

My current "star halo" - Mammootty (an old one, renewed by "Love in Singapore")

There are a few real stars who have a real halo! It will probably not wear out :)

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