Saturday, February 14, 2009


I had a not-so-close-not-so-distant encounter with a medium sized snake at my apartment complex recently.

Clearly, it was out of its comfort zone, that being mosaic tiles, and was smack bang in the middle of the path way. No one else was around. I stood about one meter away and was watching its actions.

It was moving quite slowly and tried to clear a six inch vertical parapet, which it could not. It travelled along the parapet then and slowly crawled into the watchman room!

He wasn't in, and it would have put me in a difficult situation if the snake had decided to stay on. I would have had to inform him, and surely, it wouldn't have lived on thereafter!

Fortunately, the snake crawled out as gracefully as it crawled in. I hope it found a bush to settle down for the night.

PS: I was a little shaken by the encounter. Too bad, there is not enough discretion to tell a venomous snake from a non venomous one. And as incarnation principles go, I was a snake once - this fear is a little embarrassing :)
How some one was able to sleep with snakes, not one but several, is beyond me now!


Prabhu said...

It was pre-silence period and i didn't want to miss kriya. So i decided to practice in the stairs of tennis court (which was not put in use) at my office. During the end of practice, i was able to sense something subtler. My instict told me it was a snake. I slowly opened my eyes. One medium sized black snake was lying at next stair at one feet distance. I completed my prayer fastly without even relaxing myself from vajrasana and rushed fastly. Had a tickling sensation for sometime.

Deepak said...

LOL - May be it came there because of your kriya! You call for it - remember :)

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