Monday, February 16, 2009


To me, there are two components to acting. One is not more important the other. Knowingly or unknowingly, the great actors have been the ones who have been able to manage and sustain both aspects consistently.

1) Subordination of personality:
The actor, as a real life person has some traits. These must not be reflected in the character being portrayed. Some actors go to the extent of changing their gaits and other mannerisms while acting. This aspect of acting is the hardest part.

2) Engineering emotions:
The other aspect is enacting out what the character is required to portray on screen. Highly capable people are here, but (1) is make-or-break. Some actors do not engineer - they actually be the emotion they are required to portray (Dustin Hoffman for example). Either way, with (1) and (2) together, it is a perfect combination. If the emotion to be portrayed is not engineered, but people try to "live" that emotion, it accomplishes (1) as well. For example, in one scenario, Dustin Hoffman was required to act out a scenario where the character talks after running five miles. He actually ran for five miles and then took the shot. Some one jocularly commented to him, "You should try acting, it is much easier."

This doesn't however cover niche skills like dancing, stunts or singing. People with exceptional skills can survive without being exceptional in (1) or (2). For example, comedy.


Prabhu said...

I was wondering if you are talking about real time actors ;)

Deepak said...

Guess next post answered that!

Prabhu said...

I was wondering if you are talking about real time actors ;)

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