Saturday, January 10, 2009


Ever since Srini wrote about movie trailers, I realized the value of them. For some one like me who spends half his life with movies, a movie trailer is a good preview to decide if it is worth spending 2 to 3 hours of "life time" on the movie!

I also recalled some recent trailers.

Seval: Watched this trailer in a theatre. I told Radha that I must be grateful to the director for coming up with the trailer. I decided not to watch it right there!
Thindukkal Sarathy: Hmmm, not sure!
Thenavattu: Nope!
Padikkathavan: Unless it comes to me - no!

I am not waiting for the trailer of "Naan Kadavul". It is on my "to watch" list ever since first news of the movie was out! I haven't watched the trailer of Villu also - but my default rule for Vijay (and most Ajith) movies is "no unless proven otherwise by reviews or hear-say!".

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