Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just back off!

A couple of days back, I posted about a different world!

Within hours of witnessing that, I was treated to a startlingly contrasting scene at the railway station at Coimbatore.

The station was crowded, so we were waiting in the hall, seated in the ground. A man was about to walk away, but he slipped down and hurt himself in the head. Apparently, it was a mistake by his wife - she must have hit his leg when he was walking. I did not witness what exactly happened but I saw him hearing his painful shout.

He got up, first picked up his shoe and threw it at his wife. Then, he shouted at her. Not having had enough, he then went to her and started physically assaulting her. A foreigner who was seated on the ground along with others, got up, went to the man and sternly ordered him to "Just back off!". Not expecting an intrusion, the man was shocked, but no longer harassed his wife physically. But it then changed to a bitter harangue for some time.

It was a shameful moment - not for the man, but for all of us watching!

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