Monday, January 05, 2009

Bringing up children

Watching Bommarillu triggered a few thoughts - especially the confrontation scene and the opinions voiced by Siddharth. The specifics are important, but the generalization is more important. Apparently, it got my mother thinking as well. After the movie was over, she came over and asked if I had felt the same way when I was growing up. She tried to sound humorous, but I could realize she really wanted to know the answer. I mentioned "A little!".

Earlier, Ramsi wrote about deciding to bring another life into the planet, mainly due to population concerns. That is a very hard sell :) (read the last comment in that post). Even deciding to have a child, we need to make up our mind on how to bring up this child. The child must be taken care of, protected, but given all the freedom to grow up on its own, make its mistakes, fall down and get up, and given sufficient opportunities to nurture its intelligence. It needs an atmosphere of love - but this must not border into indulgence. It needs sternness at times - but this should not border into anger or hatred at any time. Parents need to be able to tread this fine line. Harder fact is that, each child brings a unique disposition into this world. That makes the "fine line" different for different children - which means there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

In the end, it all means that we need to learn how to live life properly!

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