Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Books, books and books

There has always been an overabundance of books. The number is so high - I am not sure how to come up with an estimate. Multiple languages, multiple genres, multiple editions for a single book - all add to the count. Some come from recycled paper, some come from fresh wood pulp. The "some" in the latter should actually read  "almost all". Case in point, I "tweeted" about one (one, that is one!!) magazine called "Wired" a few days back.

Now, several books focus on the environment and/or a shift/change in consciousness. I am sure you know umpteen examples. The writers may be sincere. The publishers make the same kind of money from these books just like they do from the thriller novels. These consciousness books belong to the "new age" genre and have already become a fashion statement of sorts. The publishers still push for sales and come up with multiple editions of these books ("New! revised and updated with latest data for 2009!").

My rant? The world isn't changing! Rain forests change to pulp while the publishers attempt to feed us new-age data! Where are we going with all these? Why can't we find a way to make paper without cutting down trees? I feel it makes sense to think about this now instead of ten years later standing over barren land which used to hold forests once.

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