Friday, December 12, 2008

On the Couch with Koel

Who cares who's on the couch with Koel? This time, it was Sadhguru :)

It was a refreshing little chit-chat. Essentially, she was dabbling with Sadhguru on a wide range of topics - not divulging into too much depth and changing topic after he had given a cursory reply. I think he was enjoying this as well - one could see this from his bright smile when she quipped she was having an "existential" discussion with him.

I especially enjoyed the rapid fire round. The questions were designed for "normal" personalities and I am sure his answers threw her off guard.

What are your dreams made of?
I don't dream!

What are your traits?
I have no traits!

What are your nightmares made of?
I have only nights, no mares!

How often do you lie?
As often as necessary!

What would you like to be born as next?
This is my last!

This is it?
This is it!

You can view the interview here:

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