Sunday, December 07, 2008

Minesweeper Dance!

Months back, I posted (a little proudly), my completion status of Minesweeper in expert mode. I was going to post a follow up of the improvement (I anyway may) until I came across the video below. Oh well!
Some folks commented it is fake, but the notes look genuine enough. Besides, a few other instances I have seen - anything is possible!


Rams said...

:).. Hmm.. the video seemed to move fast, but am sure someone wud have been able to do in less than a minute... I don't remember whether my personal best was 96 or 106 seconds...

Deepak said...

Rams, look at the timer on the top right - it moves in normal speed. Unless someone engineered it this way, the person is actually clicking it so fast.
Expert mode in 106 seconds? You should do it again and send a screenshot to me just to convince me :)

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