Friday, December 05, 2008

Chennai Rains - what it teaches us

Chennai recently was inundated with rains - literally. Today, I hear about additional rain forecast! Rains in Chennai, the recent one especially, taught me many things.

  1. You can never have too much rain! I could feel the parched earth quench itself with the spate from the heavens. Only humans were suffering.
  2. Our town planning is terrible. We suffer when there are no rains and we suffer when there are too much rains. We want the precise quantity that we can handle. Good luck with that!
  3. Even with our limited infrastructure, we could have planned a few things better. For example, we had an idea of the inflow. Sembarampakkam reservoir was slowly brimming. Instead of enabling an outflow in a systematic manner, we waited until it could no longer take it and we released an outflow that inundated several portions of the city. And to counteract (because Saidapet bridge was in spate), the road was closed. That is the heart of the city that connected to different regions. Our offices buses (a few of them) that left at around 5:30 pm reached their destinations by 11:30 pm!
  4. Traffic, understandably, was a mess! Add to it, our irresponsible driving, frayed tempers weren't uncommon! I remember an incident were, because the left side of the road was filled with rain water, several vehicles traveled in a queue on the right side. A smart bus driver overtook us all on the left side of the road, in full speed, to get ahead. In the process he washed multiple car windshields blinding us all for a few moments. In many places, driving was scary. All the pot holes in the road were covered with rain water - rain is a great equalizer :) - so it was prudent to stick to main roads instead of side roads.
  5. I was dizzy. Partially in joy for the rains, partially confused because of the chaos the city was going through, partially proud looking at traffic constables standing in raincoats in the rains regulating traffic, and partially moved listening to "Geeth Mala". So much happenning in parallel! 
  6. It was paradise! I know it looks cruel in a way where so many in the city were suffering because of rains, but it is joy from within I cannot deny. Many times, I picked up an umbrella and went around the office campus in the lashing rain. Like I said earlier, only us humans were suffering. But we are capable of suffering anything :)
You can never have too much rain!


A.J.Anto said...

Dude, you had written the last paragraph for me. For me, Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikalam had always been of such aesthetic wonder. To see our garden plants glowing after the first of the monsoons and to smell the scent of damp earth will always be etched in my minds. I especially enjoyed those commutes to my college in city buses during the rainy season. To behold the whole of the tree-lined Sarder patel road drenched in rain was surreal.
Come to seattle, ppl are even attributing the high-suicide rate to the dark weather and the frequent showers here :(.

Deepak said...

High suicide rate in Seattle - that is news to me.
But it is quite possible (no kidding). Different people take in the same things in different ways!

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